Nature and people are the main sources of inspiration in the design of my jewellery.   Every piece of jewels are a unique, handmade work of art that is designed to fit the customer´s personality and to emphasize their personal style.

I aspire to create jewellery which is meaningful to people who own and wear them. Only through this it will be taken care of, polished and repaired if needed. My aim is that products designed and made by me will have as long life cycle as possible.

My handicraft is traditional and my working methods are striving to save energy and  the resources of nature. I use as much as possible recycled gold and silver in my work. I also use stones and metals brought by costumers. In addition of making unique ornaments, I renew and repair older pieces of jewellery.

My hallmark KIWI is approved by TUKES ( TheFinnish Safety and Chemicals Agency). This hallmark can be found in all my designs since 2004.

You are welcome to my workshop in Tampere to see my collection.

-Minna Skyttä, Master of jewellerysmithing

[caption id="attachment_23" align="aligncenter" width="234"]Minna Skyttä on Modus ry:n ja Tamperaan mestarikilta ry:n jäsen Minna Skyttä is a member of  Tamperaan mestarikilta ry[/caption]

I use the following materials:

  • sterling silver (80% recycled) and recycled silver
  • gold and recycled gold
  • semi-precious and precious stones
  • cultured fresh water pearls
  • in special designs also bone, horn, tooth, enamel and glass may be used